Roofing Installation


DM Henderson specializes in the commercial application of modified bituminous sheet (S.B.S.) membrane roof systems, single-ply membrane, DECRA, standing-seam metal, and green roofing systems. We are a bondable company whose work spans the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Cold weather roofing offers its unique challenges, but at DMH, we pride ourselves on the development and installation of roofing systems that can withstand the severe weather conditions found in the Canadian North. DM Henderson`s commercial roofing projects include both new construction and roof replacement. During the application process, DM Henderson Roofing displays the due diligence required by RCABC standards, ensuring optimum performance of our commercial roofs system applications.


DM Henderson also provides residential roofing systems to our community. These systems include Polymer-Modified Shingles, Standing Seam Metal, and DECRA (stone-coated metal tile) roofs. DMH provides free estimates to our residential customers.


Roof Maintenance

A building’s roof is the first line of defense between nature and your structure. Like any valuable asset, a roof system should be maintained to maximize its useful life and minimize repair costs. At DM Henderson Roofing, we provide maintenance services for all types of roof systems. We have fully trained roof maintenance technicians working to ensure that all of our clients receive professional maintenance whenever they need it.

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

Roof systems are continually expanding and contracting from heat and cold. Such movement in the roof system causes it to weaken over time, producing splits and cracks. The extreme cold, frequent thawing and melting cycles, and high winds found in our nothern climate call for diligent protection and monitoring of the roof system to prevent problems before they occur.

Roof Repairs

Blisters, cracks, broken gutters, improper vents and blocked drains are just some of many potential problems your roof system may experience throughout the year. Over time, without proper maintenance these issues become more problematic, causing more damage and often leading to premature roof replacement. Our service crews have been trained to repair all types of roof systems and our commitment to fast response times helps minimize potential interior damage and the high costs associated with repairing them.

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